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  • Two major types of IELTS test

    Two major types of IELTS Test - IELTS academic & IELTS general training
    Wed, Mar 18, 2020

    Two major types of IELTS test

    There are two major types of international English language testing system. It is now applicable in most of the countries if you inspiring to study abroad. You must confirm all the details of this examination by your IELTS coaching in Dwarka. The two major types of IELTS examination are: 

       1.   IELTS academic

       2.     IELTS general training

    IELTS academic

    It is meant for the students of the people who want to go abroad for taking higher education. The scorecard of the academic test gives the assurance to the universities, colleges, educational institutions or employers abroad that you are capable of speaking, listening, reading and writing English to reasonable expertise. It gives the institution the confidence in you that you are ready to start your training program or studies.

    IELTS general training

    This is the best which is meant for secondary education, any kind of training program for work experience. You need to remember that I am general training is to be given if you require to migrate to the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada or Australia. This is not as difficult as IELTS academic. It tests you on the skills that help you in surviving basically in the context that is related to social and workplace.

    IELTS test format

    The test format for academic and general training differs a little. If you are going to take IELTS academic, then you will have to give the test of listening, academic reading, general training reading, academic writing, general training writing and speaking. The differences are in reading and writing sections of the test and no difference is present. The duration of the test is 2 hours and 45 minutes. The speaking test can be conducted a week before or after the main test De on which you give the test of listening, writing and reading sections.

    Mode of exam

    The mode of the examination is based on two kinds depending upon the infrastructure and facilities available at the test centre. It also depends on the convenience of the test takers. Here are their names:

    1.  1.     Paper-based IELTS
    2.  2.     Computer-delivered IELTS

    It is your choice to take paper-based IELTS or computer-delivered IELTS. Giving a paper-based IELTS test, you will have to use the papers and mark the answers on the paper answer sheet. You can use pens or HB pencils. The online test for the computer-delivered test takes place with the help of a computer. There are questions that are present on the screen during the test. You use the input devices of a computer including a mouse and a keyboard. In both the kinds of tests, the speaking test only takes place face to face with an examiner of IELTS. He undergoes a special training program before examining you on the parameters of speaking English.

    IELTS scorecard

    Science examination is conducted on the 9 band scale on four parameters of the English language. The scale 1 is the lowest and scale line is the highest. You will get to know more about the band score, validity period and other details in the next blogs of the IELTS coaching institute in Dwarka.

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