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  • Give IELTS and go to Australia

    Give IELTS and go to Australia | IELTS Coaching in Delhi | Dwarka
    Thu, Sep 12, 2019

    Give IELTS and go to Australia


    Australia is a country with world-class colleges, beautiful places, the Australian Alps, The Great Barrier Reef which is the largest ecosystem in the world, easy-going lifestyle, warm society, etc. When you join the best IELTS coaching in Delhi, they will be sessions to inform you about different aspects of the society of Australia. Australia is very unique country that is ready to surprise you with various interesting facts. Geographically it is at a beautiful location. Glion Overseas will tell you about all the countries in detail.


    Longest national highway


    Australia can boast of the longest national highway in the world. It is around 14,500 km. It is not so easy to build in a country where there are beaches. You will also be amazed to know that 90% of the Australian population lives in the coastal regions in Australia. Isn't that amazing!


    Kangaroos or people


    If you go to Australia for studying, you may get a chance to ask for the route to your college or university from a kangaroo instead of a person. It can be said so because the population of kangaroos in Australia is about 50 million. It is increasing at a very fast rate. In the year 2016, around 45 million kangaroos are there. It exceeds the population of Australia.


    High Human Development Index


    New Australian people can we protect them because they are the second-highest in the world as far as the Human Development Index is concerned. The Human Development Index includes parameters like social welfare, lifespan of people, equality practised in society, etc.


    Beware of some animals


    Before going to any place, if you have a habit of knowing more about the place; it will always help you. There are some deadliest animals in Australia that you must be aware and beware of. You do not take care of yourself against them.


    Cleanest air


    Tasmania is the city in Australia that receives the cleanest air in the world. It is the city with the best quality of air. If you are planning to go to Australia for studying or taking your family to a superb trip, it is completely ideal for you. The air in Antarctica is comparable with Australia's Tasmania. You can walk in the island of Tasmania. You can enjoy a lot in clean air. There would be no threat to your skin or lungs. If you are not able to walk, you can do Mountain biking, skiing and explore the caves of the island.


    The largest ecosystem


    The Great Barrier Reef in Australia has almost 2500 reefs that can be seen from the space also. It also stretches till the eastern coast of Australia. It means that there are numerous jumping-off points.


    60 kinds of wines


    Australia is a country that offers kinds of wines. That wine is good for longer life. I am not suggesting you to start having wine but it is a good idea to it least taste some special ones. Take it in moderation and do not lose yourself


    Hope this information was helpful letting you know whether you want should go to Australia by taking help of IELTS coaching centre in Delhi. Glion Overseas will keep you updated with all the important facts.

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