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  • Important myths about scoring well in IELTS exam

    Important myths about scoring well in IELTS exam
    Thu, Nov 14, 2019

    Important myths about scoring well in IELTS exam

    IELTS examination is a very popular examination and it is mandatory to clear it if you want to take admission to any of the foreign universities. Some universities are very specific about the examination that they take. Some universities are also very particular about the score that you have in your IELTS examination with the help of our Experts, They are providing Best IELTS coaching in Delhi. They take scores in terms of bands. It is not so easy to score in these tests. There are four tests, namely: reading, writing, listening and speaking. There are some important points that one should not think about the IELTS examination. These points can be called as the myths that we are going to discuss.

    One Night Study

    Many students think that they will be able to score well even they study for one night. They also believe that examination is very easy because it is only going to take your test on the English language. This is a big mistake that students think about the examination. It is not possible to score more than 8 bands IELTS examination only after a couple of Nights. You can definitely score around 7 bands conveniently but if you want to take admission to one of the best universities, you need to work a little harder.

    Just keep speaking

    When you will face examination and give a speaking test, you do not have to keep speaking continuously without thinking anything. Nobody needs to know how was you are. You must speak qualitatively. The examiner is not going to test your speaking skills without any direction. I want to know how intelligent you are in speaking and presenting your ideas. They will test your creativity of expression, the level of sophistication and how you can present your ideas, etc. How do you sequence your thoughts will be the concern for them.

    No notes policy

    Sometimes the student thinks that day has grown up and they do not need to make the notes of whatever they are studying. This should not be done by you because notes always help. You must note down all the important tips given by your trainers while attending the classes. These notes are to be revised before your examination. You must keep revising the important tips in these notes. Therefore, this is a big myth that because IELTS is only the test of the English language and it is not important to pay a lot of attention and it is possible to crack it.

    Revision not necessary

    One more such myth about the IELTS examination is that the students believe it to be so easy that they do not tend to revise on whatever they have learned in their Institute. This is also not the right strategy. They must keep revising all the important points and vocabulary if they want to crack this examination. Your best IELTS coaching institute will provide you with a lot of study material so that you can prepare well. You must take it seriously. This is true that IELTS is comparatively an easier examination and therefore you have a lot of scope instead of trying to crack the other competitive examinations.

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