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  • Advantages and disadvantages of online and offline IELTS test

    Advantages and disadvantages of online and offline IELTS test
    Thu, Apr 02, 2020

    Advantages and disadvantages of online and offline IELTS test

    The international English language testing system or IELTS is a very popular examination which is widely accepted by educational institutions and companies all over the world. It is a test to understand the level of understanding of a person's info parameters of the English language. The parameters that are covered are reading, writing, listening and speaking. All this information is very necessary for you because there might be some important points that can help you choose the best mode of examination and that can also help you in scoring better. IELTS coaching Dwarka is completely dedicated to helping you score better and get more marks.

    Kinds of test

    IELTS examination takes place in two ways:

    1. Computer-delivered IELTS

    Paper-based IELTS

    As the name clearly suggests, computer-delivered IELTS is an online examination and paper-based IELTS is an offline examination. Now let us see some of the advantages and disadvantages of both of them:

    1.    Time consumption

    2.    Habit since childhood

    3.    Comfort zone

    4.    No technical problems

    Time consumption

    You are going to get more time if you attempt to take your test through paper-based examination. While giving a paper-based examination, you will be given the question paper in a classroom with so many other students. When the test will be over, the invigilator will collect the answer sheets one by one and therefore you have the opportunity to get some more seconds at the end of the examination. These few seconds can help you put a tick mark that you might not do while giving an online examination. However, if you are in a hurry to complete your test, or you are extremely confident about the answers, then Computer Based IELTS will be favourable.

    Habit since childhood

    Most of us are habitual of working on computers. But working on computers is different from giving an examination of computers. We might not be extremely familiar with handling the pressure of an examination while sitting on a system as compared to offline examination. It is so because we are habitable of giving a paper-based examination since childhood.

    Comfort zone

    Comfort zone while sitting and giving examination on a paper will be better. It is so because we can try different types of formal body postures. It can keep you relaxed and you will be able to think better and pressure is your mind to think the correct answer by connecting the dots.

    No technical problems

    When you are taking a Computer-Based IELTS test, there are possibilities of many technical problems. There can be a power cut suddenly. The system may get some problems while taking the test. The system may also take much time in processing. You may have to wait for a long time been to move from one question to another. It will also restrict the freedom of checking the answers to previous questions. If you have finally decided to take which mode of examination, you need to inform the best IELTS coaching in Dwarka and they will help you practice in both ways. It's not about the advantages or disadvantages of any of the modes of the test but you need to make sure you practice enough to get a good score.

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