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  • The practicality of IELTS life skills

    The practicality of IELTS life skills | IELTS Coaching in Delhi
    Tue, Sep 17, 2019

    The practicality of IELTS life skills


    IELTS life skill test is meant for the family members actually. You are a student of this generation and it is possible for you to take the training of English language and have good command over it. But what about your parents, in case you want them to come over there! Everybody's parents are not so educated and they are not capable of understanding fluent English and that too with an accent. It is a big challenge. This is the reason there are only listening and speaking in the test. Your best IELTS coaching in Dwarka will help you know more about it.


    Listening and speaking only  


    IELTS life skills test only take the test of listening and speaking. The people of different age groups do not have to go through the difficult procedures of reading and writing. It needs a lot of effort and hard work. The elderly people of your family do not have to get back to their college life and go through the passages for reading comprehension and solve their questions as you do in the classes. It is comparatively simpler for them if they are going to give the listening and speaking test only. We are in the industry for so long and we have a lot of experience of training the students and people for both the examinations.


    Pass or fail


    The second piece of good news about IELTS life skills is that the results are announced as pass or fail. It is a nice thing that only focuses on the capability of conveying the thoughts and understanding the thoughts. The candidates are passed even when they are capable of understanding and speaking a little bit well so that they can be helped out in the foreign country in case any problem takes place.


    Different levels


    There are three levels of IELTS examination for IELTS life skills. Those levels are A1, A2 and B1. The difference between is levels is that level A1 is for the family of a settled person for the sake of visa approval. Level A2 is for the family of a settled person itself but it is for extension visa, not first time applying for Visa. The Third Level is B1 which is chosen in order to apply to the UK visas and immigration for the sake of uncertain leave to remain or take citizenship. In all the three levels, you need to prove your English listening and speaking skills. We will train you to crack all three levels.


    Same as academic


    It means that the speaking and listening test that are to be e attempted by the students who are appearing in IELTS academic test will have to be given by the people who are appearing for IELTS life skills. It means that the level of difficulty is almost similar are the questions that are asked to the people in the speaking test are also similar. But the result is announced as pass or fail. You can take our help to get your family members through the examination. This is how you will be able to study abroad and your family will be able to visit you frequently. IELTS Coaching Dwarka wishes you good luck.

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