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  • Techniques for learning Accent for cracking IELTS

    Techniques for learning Accent for cracking IELTS
    Tue, Nov 12, 2019

    Techniques for learning Accent for cracking IELTS

    Many students are nervous about speaking in accented tone because science is an examination where the examiners are often, foreigners. The confident students also collect some errors with respect to pronunciation and accent but it is difficult for them to understand because one cannot easily understand and correct oneself. What you must do is get yourself enrolled with a Best IELTS coaching in Delhi and then follow the instructions. We are also education consultants and we suggest you record your voice and understand your mistakes apart from following these tips mentioned below.

    Differentiating Vowel and Consonant Sounds

    You need to understand the difference between vowels and vowel sounds; consonants and consonant sound. This seems to be a very basic concept but most of the students do not understand it rightly. We providing training from the basics and make sure your foundation of the English language becomes strong. Girls are the letters A E I O U and vowel sounds are the pronunciation sounds of the letters of Hindi language. Similarly, consonants are the letters of English language leaving A E I O U but consonant sounds are the pronunciation sounds of the consonant letters of Hindi language.

    Understanding Syllables

    The syllable is probably a new term for you because it is a part of Accent training. A syllable is a part of a word that has a vowel or A vowel sound. There may be two vowels in one syllable. Understanding the syllables helps in identifying word stress. It also makes pronunciation easier. It helps in making different parts of the word.

    Word Stress

    The word 'stress' means 'to pressurize'. When stress is present in a word it means that we need to pronounce the word while putting some stress on our mouth organs. We should feel some stress on our minds while pronouncing them. This stress has a big role to play in the pronunciation of the English language. Every word has stress. It means that at least one syllable of every word must be pronounced while putting some stress on it. This creates the style and expression in the English language that you enjoy while listening and speaking.

    Pronunciation Symbols

    Pronunciation symbols are a different language altogether and you need to understand it if you want to know and check the pronunciation of every word by yourself. You can easily find out the meanings of these pronunciation symbols on the Internet and start practising it. You can also talk to our trainers at IELTS COACHING DWARKA and take their Training. After knowing and learning these pronunciation symbols you will not be dependent on anyone to tell you the pronunciation of any word.

    Connecting sounds

    We have a different way of training the students in speaking with an accent. We try to make the training techniques as practical as possible. IELTS COACHING DWARKA explain to the students that if you can connect the ending sounds with the beginning sounds of the words while taking care of the word stress, it will be easy for you to sound accented. You will be able to understand better if you join us. We are a renowned IELTS coaching in Delhi.

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