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  • Strategy for IELTS

    Strategy for IELTS - IELTS Coaching in Dwarka | Delhi
    Fri, May 17, 2019

    Strategy for IELTS – integrated practice

    We offer best IELTS training in Dwarka and help a number of IELTS candidates obtain a high band score. The preparations of IELTS not just consist of study for exam but also an appropriate exam strategy. Though there is no standard strategy that works for all and hence we customize the study plan and study strategy for each candidate at our institute. Yet there are some general guidelines that can be provided to help the IELTS aspirants prepare the right strategy for themselves. This is the objective if this blog.

    In the beginning, the students believe that they need to close themselves in a room for a few months until they are fully prepared for IELTS. They think it to be the only strategy and this way they can score good score in IELTS. But in our experience, this proves to be a blunder if practiced for a long time.

    Including IELTS preparation in your daily routine is the key strategy to obtain a high band score in IELTS. It requires you to change your daily routine. During a day, you would find many opportunities to convert a routine activity into IELTS practice activity. With little planning and self-discipline, you can avail such opportunities.

    Being in Dwarka one may have a chance to have natural English conversations. But if the majority of your interactions are non-English, indicate that you do not have a natural English speaking environment and you need to create one. This can be executed in the form of a planned discussion with friends or other IELTS aspirants; or may be done by visiting places where people generally speak English; or maybe done by opting English in a conversation with a customer care executive of any company of which you are a customer; etc.

    Similarly, there are other areas which if need your attention on a daily basis. An individual should conscious efforts to surround herself/himself with English environment. This is the strategy that we recommend to our students. Though they spend an adequate amount of time at the Institute yet no amount of time would be adequate if your English exposure is only at the institute. Hence they do practice the theoretical concepts as well as the practical stuff on a daily basis.

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    One must do reading of the study material on the daily basis but should not restrict reading to just the study material. It is advisable to read books, newspapers, magazines, etc. Now there has to be a difference in the approach. Our students learn and apply the concepts related to reading fluency while reading the book or newspaper. We also recommend them to make a difference in their choice of the stuff to read. They have suggested to pick-up a science magazine or a history journal to read. In this way, casual reading also becomes IELTS reading. We also recommend our students to watch a British/Australian TV shows or other videos which can help them familiarize themselves with the foreign accents used in IELTS test.  

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