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  • The pattern of IELTS Exam including 4 Module

    Pattern of IELTS Exam including 4 Module
    Thu, Feb 06, 2020

    The pattern of IELTS Exam including 4 Module

    IELTS examination is one of the most popular examinations at the international level for going abroad. It is a kind of certification that signifies that you are capable of speaking in English fluently and property. Speaking is not the only parameter, it also takes into consideration various other parameters like listening to writing and reading. Your IELTS coaching centre in Delhi will help you to know more about the pattern of IELTS examination that includes four kinds of tests. These tests are reading, writing, listening and speaking. All these tests are the important parameters of any language in the world. With the help of these tests, one can easily understand whether one is capable of interacting in a language perfectly or not. Let us know a little more about this test in detail


    Reading is the first and foremost test that a student needs to crack if he wants to get the certificate of the IELTS examination and go to a foreign country for pursuing his higher education. The test of reading involves some passages in which you need to signify your skill of reading. Then there are questions based on the passages given to you to read and by answering the questions correctly based on the passages, you prove yourself to be eligible for reading skill. It is necessary for you because when you will be taking admission to a University in any foreign country that approves the certification of IELTS examination, they will definitely give you so many books and notes to read and you have to excel in them.


    Writing is another test that will check your skill of another parameter of the English language. You will be given two tasks to exhibiting your writing skills. Each task involves one picture based on which you have to write. You need to write the description for whatever is seen in the pictures. The writing test takes place for 1 hour and the first task is for 20 minutes and the other is 40 minutes. The steps are taken to check whether you are capable of expressing yourself or not and whether you understand what is shown to you correctly.


    Listening is another test that is taken into account by the examiners of the IELTS examination. It checks your ability to understand what you listen to in English. Earlier the validity of the certificate of IELTS examination was limited to two European countries only but now it is accepted in many other countries as well. It has gone global. Since then, the examiners have started involving other accents like Russian, Scottish, and of course American apart from the British accent.


    Speaking test is the most important one as it checks your ability to freely and fluently Converse in the English language or not. If you are not capable of conveying your ideas in English without compiling and looking for words, then only you will be able to survive better in a foreign country otherwise you will be getting into his inferiority complex. It will not be tolerated by anyone including you, your parents for the professors at the University. If you join the IELTS coaching institute in Delhi, you will be trained very well on all these tests including the accent.

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