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  • Sure shot preparation tips for IELTS

    Sure shot preparation tips for IELTS | IELTS Coaching in Delhi
    Thu, Sep 26, 2019

    Sure shot preparation tips for IELTS

    If you are a student who has taken the strong determination to study abroad at any cost, you are at the right place and you must start studying and following the tips given by British Council. We are an IELTS coaching in Dwarka and we are working towards your development every day. IELTS is an examination that is accepted by all the countries, all the companies and all the universities. This is the latest development because earlier IELTS was not accepted worldwide.

    Read aloud

    Reading aloud will help you definitely in tracking the reading test of the examination as you know there are four types of tests and one of them is reading. When you will be preparing for the test it would seem that the test is pretty simple but believe me you must never underestimate the examiner. Please keep reading just before the day of the examination. You must read at least for half an hour every day and try to read in variety. You can start reading the newspaper definitely with the Bollywood section or something that interests you but you must move to your discomfort zone also and continue putting the efforts to make it your comfort zone. Reading aloud will keep your concentration intact.


    Listening with concentration

    It is very important that you keep listening to English in some of the other forms. If you remember or if ever you have focused you learned your mother tongue or the language that is spoken at your home is only with the help of listening. Did you join any coaching institute for fluency in your mother tongue? No, right! Therefore you need to understand the importance of the activity of listening. You must listen to the English language in the accent of all kinds as much as you have heard your mother tongue and nobody in the world can stop you from speaking fluently with an accent. However, your listening test is going to check your level of understanding English. You must practice all the major accidents in the world in which there is a possibility of IELTS.

    Speak in English and Hindi both

    The students often complain that they do not have an atmosphere to speak or understand English. Please note the most important tip by Glion overseas for translating everything that you want to speak in the English language whether you are speaking your mother tongue or any other language. If you are not capable of doing it spontaneously, then try doing it later on. But it is important for you to do it. It will increase the speed of translation of one language to another. As soon as the time difference will shorten, the spontaneity in your language will be better and your speech will be fluent and accented.

    Dialy writing: a good habit

    We were taught in our childhood that we must establish the habit of diary writing. This habit will help us a lot in the future. So what are we waiting for! It is never too late to start studying at any age. If you have understood the point, Please start writing a diary on a daily basis and start talking about the special events that took place throughout the day apart from mentioning your daily routine. It will help you present your thoughts systematically. Eventually, you will understand the structure of writing a paragraph. You will be able to know the right sequence of thoughts especially when you are highly emotional. This is very important in speaking also. If you can develop control over your emotions, you will be capable of controlling your expressions also. We hope you liked the tips by the best IELTS coaching in Delhi.

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