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  • Are you also thinking this way about IELTS?

    Are you also thinking this way about IELTS?
    Wed, Jan 29, 2020

    Think This Way About IELTS

    IELTS examination is considered to be a very valuable one and many people in the world are willing to crack this exam for different kinds of purposes. There are two major types of IELTS examination. One is academic and the other is for general training depending upon the purposes. IELTS COACHING DWARKA is going to remove some minutes of yours concerning the IELTS examination. We are the best IELTS coaching in Delhi and we will change your thinking towards IELTS examination. Removal of these myths will help you prepare well.

    More words, more marks

    Students often think that if they are going to use more words while giving their IELTS test of reading writing listening and speaking, they would be getting more marks. This is completely wrong. You need to understand that is not an examination which is going to give you marks or certificate based on the number of words that you are going to provide them. They need quality and not quantity. You must understand the whole of your life.

    Different Opinions, lesser marks

    While giving your speaking test you must not think that if your opinion is going to differ from your examiner you will be losing the marks. It can never happen because this is not an examination to check how well opinionated you are. It is a test for checking your speaking skills only. So rest assured that you will not be judged based on what you are going to speak but you need to take care of how you are going to speak that. You must be careful with the selection of words in terms of vocabulary.


    Extremes are always dangerous in everything. If you are going to get so excited for the IELTS examination and keep practising all the time, you will eventually end up exerting yourself and maybe losing the marks. Therefore you must practice regularly and not keep practising all the time. You can make a schedule of giving two mock tests every day. This will help you in preparing for your different types of tests in moderation. This is sure to bring good results in your examination

    Cheating manageable

    If you are an Indian student and you think that cheating is going to be manageable for you while giving your IELTS examination, so here is an alert by IELTS COACHING DWARKA. Simply do not dare to try any such activity because it will cost you very heavily. You will be under the camera all the time and you are being observed by the invigilators. If you are going to do any such thing, you will not be selected and there is a strict provision against the students who cheat during the examination.

    More difficult

    Since the IELTS examination has got global, many e new countries and companies have started accepting the result of IELTS, you do not have to worry about the difficulty level too much. The level of IELTS has to be increased because now it has more challenge to meet the expectations of the universities worldwide and the companies which are of high standards. Therefore, you need to remember that IELTS is a simple test that will test your ability to be able to read, write, listen and speak in English comfortably or not. IELTS coaching centre in Delhi will tell you all the other important details when you join over here.

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