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  • What not to do while giving IELTS Test - IELTS Coaching

    What not to do while giving IELTS Test - IELTS Coaching
    Wed, Oct 30, 2019

    What not to do while giving IELTS Test?

    Giving the examination and getting admission in a good foreign university is a dream of many of you. There are many tips and techniques that you may follow and practice to crack the IELTS examination and score more than 7 bands. IELTS Coaching Dwarka will tell you appropriate training and important tips. These tips are of high importance. Today, let us know the important mistakes while giving the test and doing the preparation so that you can make the chances of your selection better.

    Don't waste time

    You have a lot of time while preparing for the IELTS examination. Do not waste a single minute. It is a very simple examination if you are well prepared. On the day of giving the examination, the factor that can raise our confidence in the fact that we have prepared well and we have not wasted a lot of time. If you have really done so, you will be able to generate confidence in your mind. Rather it will happen naturally because confidence is no sparrow that will come to us like a lucky charm. It is a feeling that is is generated in our minds.

    Don't ignore small details

    The students take the IELTS examination a little casually and they often think that it is very easy to score 7 bands and take admission to the university that they desire. Therefore they prepare themselves and ignore some important points of minute details that can get them a score of 8 plus. For example, your good handwriting can give you one complete band in your writing test. Apart from content, they also give you marks on your presentation. Such important small tips are given by you by your trainers. Please follow them.

    Don't fumble

    Taking pauses in speaking and producing the sound of a..aa.. is what we call producing fumbling sounds. This creates a very bad impression. This happens because of poor vocabulary and poor thought generation process. This happens because of a lack of confidence. Don't think about so many things when you are given a chance to speak or perform. Just focus on the topic that you have been given to speak on or to write about.

    Don't be dependent on the next time

    When students perform, they are under extreme pressures and therefore they are not able to give their best. They always think that they would be performing better the next time. But they think so under a nervous state of mind. This is a reason they are not able to focus more and work in the right direction so that they can perform better the next time. Therefore, it is advisable that when you start speaking or practicing any test during your preparation, keep yourself calm when you are giving the test.

    Don't start speaking immediately

    This has been seen in many students that start speaking as soon as they get an opportunity to speak or they get a couple of points to speak in their minds. It is advisable to keep in mind that you think about at least five points first and then start speaking. Control the urge of speaking as soon as you get something in your mind. The best IELTS coaching in Dwarka will give you proper training about how to carry yourself well. If you follow the tips given by or trainers, you will be at an advantage.

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