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  • Philosophy behind developing IELTS test

    Philosophy behind developing IELTS test | IELTS Coaching in Delhi | Dwarka
    Wed, Sep 04, 2019

    The philosophy behind developing IELTS test


    IELTS examination is known worldwide. There is a big responsibility of the test takers to design and develop a wonderful English proficiency test. IELTS coaching in Delhi is well aware of all those philosophies and therefore they prepare their students well. Until we know the mindset of the one who is trying to do something, we cannot try to crack there are very reasonable logical points behind designing the IELTS examination. There are many stages of the development of the test. Let us see them.


    Order to develop test


    The test-takers of IELTS examination take the first step of commission in the examination. The specialists who prepare the test are based in countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. They are asked order to make the questions for taking the test. The questions are designed originally by them. They keep getting the work of doing so.


    Pre editing step


    Then the process of pre-editing comes. As the name suggests, it is a process or steps just before the main process of editing. The test takers make sure that the editing takes place at least two times. It ensures great quality. In pre-editing, the parameters that are considered are the focus over the task, the level of difficulty of the task, the style or expression of writing, the topics taken and the level of language, etc. The revision of the designed test takes place and it is sent to the writers again for rework.


    The process of editing


    After the professionals have sent the test after doing the rework, now it is the time to finally add the test that is to be taken by millions of students in the world. All the parameters mentioned in the previous step of Pre editing are again considered. This is the time when the test is finalized. This is a very important step. A lot of care is taken before the tests are finalized.


    Taking the pre-testing


    After completing the editing, the new material is given to the different groups of representatives of test-takers. It is the responsibility of the team of validation and Data Services at Cambridge assessment English who amylase and collate the resulting data to understand the difficulty level of the test. They differentiate between the levels of difficulty as meant for weak test takers and strong test-takers. They give the final decision on the acceptance of the test.


    There are different stages of development of the test that is followed by the IELTS test takers for providing the best quality of one of the most reliable examinations in the world. The best IELTS coaching in Delhi knows about the details of these stages of development and they are determined to prepare you very well.

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