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  • Knowledge vs. Critical thinking skills for IELTS

    Knowledge or Critical thinking skills for IELTS - IELTS Coaching Dwarka | Delhi
    Wed, Jun 26, 2019

    Knowledge vs. Critical thinking skills for IELTS

    In this blog we will try to understand the relation between knowledge and critical thinking skills. A natural question that arises here is that ‘what is the difference between knowledge and critical skills?’. Also, a question of whether knowledge is important or critical thinking skills.

    We are writing this blog because many IELTS aspirants, students as well as professionals, come to us and share their IELTS experience. They feel disappointed that despite their preparation for IELTS they could not be successful in attaining a high score in IELTS. One thing common in many of them is that they put in good efforts in gaining knowledge and actually gained it. Yet their score was not as per their expectations. We make them understand that it is because they did not focus on developing critical thinking skills. You can also be part of the best IELTS coaching in Delhi, like these many students. We help them develop critical thinking for IELTS. Each IELTS aspirant undergoes training for critical thinking skills along with gaining the required knowledge.

    The reality is that one cannot choose one amongst knowledge and critical thinking skills. Both these are complementary to each other. Also, knowledge is not sufficient for attaining desired score.There is a simple way to understand this. Knowledge means English grammar, Vocabulary, etc.while critical thinking skills help you in application of knowledge.

    If you have plans to settle in an English-speaking country or want to stay there for short period for studying or working, high proficiency in English language is essential. For developing the required proficiency, you might have to join some program. If the program is aimed only at enhancing knowledge, this may be insufficient. Even if you learn the entire dictionary or learn all the major grammar rules. Does such a program which is based primarily on knowledge ensure success in IELTS?

    We are the best IELTS coaching in Dwarka and we offer a comprehensive IELTS program, which is focused not just on knowledge but also on critical thinking skills.

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    In our next blog on critical thinking, we will discuss what critical thinking means in each IELTS module.