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  • Common Mistakes that are done while giving IELTS

    Common Mistakes that are done while giving IELTS
    Fri, Dec 06, 2019

    Common Mistakes that are done while giving IELTS

    No one of us is perfect. We all commit mistakes. Most of the time, we make mistakes during our education and learn from them. Any competitive examination is not so easy to crack. It is very important to ignore the common mistakes that can be done while giving a competitive examination because there is a lot of competition and the chances of the selection may be reduced because of a few common mistakes of yours. You need to consult IELTS coaching in Dwarka for avoiding these mistakes.

    No copying the answers

    Please do not try to copy the answers after some breaks between some sections. You are given 10 minutes to note down the answers in your answer sheet and write as much as required. You are requested to not make any mistakes over here because a small mistake can even make you lose one complete band of yours because you may come at the same error so many times we're given the IELTS examination. You must copy the answers very carefully and understand the importance of it.

    Spellings and grammar

    If you have joined any coaching institute for preparing yourself for the IELTS examination or you are planning to do so, it is going to be wonderful because you will have to take care of spellings and grammatical concerns. If you are weak in spellings, you must start working towards it as soon as possible because you will lose your score very badly in your examination. Similarly, if people say that there is no use of grammar while making a sentence in English. They are completely wrong. This concept applies to students who are studying in primary or secondary classes. The students who are giving an examination of the international level have to be very perfect at grammar.

    Test paper first

    It is a technique which was taught to be used when you were a child that you must write down the answers on the test papers first instead of on your main answer sheet, but this strategy can work in your IELTS examination also because if you commit any mistake of spelling or grammar, it can be extremely dangerous for you. You do not have to write 200-400 word answers that might be ignored or it might not have a very good weight. You are right in Limited quantity and therefore everything is checked very minutely.

    Checking at the end

    Most of the time, students feel so exhausted that they do not check the answer sheet that what they have written. Sometimes, we think we have done everything right but we actually have not done it so. This is the reason your best IELTS coaching Dwarka will also instruct you the same thing and if possible they will also try to train you in it by taking your mock examinations of all the four tests that you will have to face in real IELTS examination. The names of 4 tests are reading, writing, listening and speaking.

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