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  • Know more about IELTS for migration

    Know more about IELTS for migration - IELTS Coaching in Dwarka | Delhi
    Tue, Aug 20, 2019

    Know more about IELTS for migration


    IELTS examination is given by the students or professionals who want to go abroad. There can be different purposes for going abroad. Here we are going to discuss the four major purposes for giving the IELTS examination. This is very important for you to know because before you start preparing for IELTS examination, you must be clear with what exactly are you talking to do. You may have to do a little less effort if you know the purpose of the examination well. It is so because the level of difficulty in different kinds of IELTS examination differs. This makes it very easy. There are four tests that are taken in IELTS examination. Those tests are reading, writing, listening and speaking. Glion Overseas will guide you rightly after knowing your purpose and then will help you prepare for it. We are a highly experienced IELTS coaching in Delhi.




    IELTS examination is given for migrating from one country to another. If you are planning to get settled in Australia, New Zealand, Canada for the United Kingdom, you must get yourself registered to give IELTS for migration. Please note that there are different requirements for IELTS to enter different countries. IELTS is required to enter Australia for Visa approval, permanent residency, or it is required by some accrediting entities and professional organizations. Canada needs IELTS for migration for a work visa, permanent residency, professional recognition, etc. The Government of New Zealand needs IELTS certificate for different kinds of visas. They may require it for or becoming an investor, president, parent, entrepreneur, or skilled migrant. In the United Kingdom, you may choose to give IELTS for migration if you want to settle over there permanently. It is also called as applying for 'long residence' or 'leave to remain'.

    Ask for help for accommodation

    Some of the foreign companies may provide accommodation to the professionals who are going to work for them. Sometimes they may provide it for some time, sometimes they provide it on a permanent basis. Then they need to find a place for themselves. Some people may not be able to afford it and here comes the role of the education consultants. We have contacts in a foreign country to help people get accommodation at reasonable rates. With the help of the previous students and professionals who have studied from us are considered for it along with our professional contacts.

    Every country has some important cultural dimensions. It is very necessary that you take the guidance from best IELTS coaching in Dwarka you not only help you with respect to the academics but also in the direction of the culture of the country. There are certain things that are restricted in society. If you do those activities, the law of the country may not trouble you but the society may dislike it. For example, number 13 is considered unlucky in Japan. Therefore, avoid getting close to this number. Therefore, it is important to know such particulars in Australia, the UK, New Zealand and Canada.

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