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    Useful tips for cracking IELTS examination
    Fri, Nov 22, 2019

    Useful tips for cracking IELTS examination

    If you also want to go abroad and dream big, you are in the right place. We have helped many of the students to go abroad and fulfil their dreams. Many students are associated with us even when they complete their training programs. Some of them are studying in the universities of foreign countries and some of them have been placed in the corporate world and still, they are in contact with us on social media. IELTS coaching Dwarka is always present to help you out as we are the best IELTS coaching in Dwarka. Here we are giving you some important

    Keep your confidence up

    Keep your confidence up whenever you’re shot by any random question that you are not prepared with. Because if you are not going to lose your self-confidence, you will be able to speak with firmness. The examiner will never be able to make out that you are not so confident about the answer. Now the million-dollar question is how to do it. You need to have faith in yourself. You must realize that you have the guts to answer the question. Whatever you will answer will be correct because you are blessed with logical thinking.

    Practice different accents

    It is very necessary for you to listen to different kinds of accents and practice very well. IELTS examination not only takes an examination in American or UK accent but there can be a Russian or Scottish accent or some other accent that is internationally accepted also. The listening examination is recorded by native speakers. Therefore, it is not necessary that you receive the listening test in a very clear speech. It may be completely in pure accent. There are some audios for which you can get a chance to listen again but not every time. You have to be all ears.

    Use conversations

    If you have seen some videos available on YouTube exhibiting the speaking test of the IELTS examination, you will find that the invigilator is interested in talking to you and he does not give you the topic for speaking as an extempore. He would ask you a question and then the other questions may be asked with reference to your answers and the session will be interactive. It is not that you keep speaking on one topic and the invigilator keeps listening to you. It is a better way of understanding the confidence level of the English speaker.

    Unexpected topics

    Since the examination is going to be interactive, there may be some unexpected questions or topics. You must be ready to absorb the shock because it is natural. You must understand that if you are going to be the invigilator and you are given the responsibility to pick up only the good speakers, you would also try your best to be random to judge the reality. Therefore you must bring the English language in your everyday usage as early as possible. Try speaking it in front of the elders who can correct you every time you make a mistake.

    Keep writing

    You must always eat the habit of writing because it ensures that you do not make mistakes. It also makes sure that you apply what you are studying in your English classes. IELTS coaching in Delhi. We will provide you all the necessary classes that are required for you to crack the examination with 8 plus bands.

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