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  • Corona Virus and IELTS: Everything you need to know

    Corona Virus and IELTS: Everything you need to know
    Sat, Mar 14, 2020

    Corona Virus and IELTS: Everything you need to know

    IELTS is the International English language testing system. It is an entrance examination that has a 9 band scale. This 9 band scale is used to measure the performance of the students as far as the English language is concerned. There are four areas of specialisation that a student needs to prove himself on before taking admission and any other college than his home country. These four areas of specialisation in the English language are reading, writing, listening and speaking. Recently the world is suffering from the challenge of coronavirus which got originated in China and because of the travelling of people all over the world, it has spread in the whole world. This has a severe impact on the education industry also. Let us see some important details regarding the same. This is an attempt by IELTS coaching in Dwarka to tell you important details.  

    Don't attend the IELTS test

    The students who are suffering from any of the symptoms of COVID-19 are not allowed to take the test in any city or country in the world. If the students are suffering from a cough, having any problems while breathing, having fever are requested to not attend their IELTS test if they have registered themselves to give the test on a pre-specified date. It definitely depends on the area or place where you are going to take the test, your place of residence and all the places where you may have to travel to reach from your place of residence to the city of the centre where you are planning to take the test.

    Postponement of the test date

    It is possible to get the date of the test postponed in such special cases. You do not need to worry about your career or money. The most important thing is your life and health. You must understand its importance. It is barely possible to get another date of test in case you are suffering from the virus. Kindly inform beforehand and take the right step and behave responsibly.

    Refunds possible

    Coronavirus disease has taken the form of a pandemic. It is a very problematic disease and being completely understanding and sensitive towards it, the IELTS decision-makers have also decided to provide you refunds in case you are not interested in taking the IELTS test for the next session. Refunds are one of the things that are rarely done but it is being practised for the sake of safety and Welfare of the people.

    Suspended tests

    It is good to know that all the tests for the IELTS examination have been suspended in Mainland China until April 2020. All the tests for the IELTS examination in Macau SAR have been suspended until 28 March 2020. Similarly, in most of the countries, the tests have been suspended.

    Precautions during the test

    If the tests are not suspended in your country and you are going to appear in the test, you need to take some important health and safety precautions on the day of taking the test. You need to wear mask n-97. However, it is recommended by the World Health Organisation that the person who is taking care of the patients affected by or those who are suspected with Covid19 infection is required to wear the mask. Other details regarding the test will be given to you be the best IELTS Coaching Dwarka

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